6 Indian Celebs Who Have Their Own Apps!

Read on to know how to talk to your favourite celebrity *personally*!

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  • Of course Being Human was just a brand, but Salman couldn't stay away from releasing his own app on his own 51st birthday making it a even bigger deal! The video he posted on twitter said he welcomed them all to his app - rightly said - BeingInTouch. BeingInTouch gives an access to Salman's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts all in one app. 

  • So, definitely the cricket lovers had to be done just, so the test series captain launched the ViratFanBox. The Virat FanBox includes a branded edition of the Moto G Turbo smartphone, a signed miniature cricket bat, and year's membership of the fan club. 

  • This free of cost app focuses on fashion, beauty and fitness and shares the actor's daily updates per day. Apart from all of that, there are bloopers and behind the shoots glimpses for better user experience. 

    Bonus: The app has live-streaming and an option to chat with Sonam, personally !!!

  • To all the dancers in us, Remo has kicked it by launching an app that appreciates our talent. Sephi Shapira, CEO of Escapex, has created the app, and Remo says the focus will be on connecting with fans, but also plans to offer opportunities to aspiring dancers, singers and other talent through the app. 

  • The app has been created in collaboration with New York based startup company called EscapeX. With this app, her fans can now screen news about the actress, and also have direct access to her social media.  Follow Nikita on Twitter.

  • Next up, this actor/comedian knew something original and unexpected had to be done. Vir launched an app just this month giving his fans direct access to his life! The app includes everything you need to know about him and his upcoming tours, shows, movies, literally everything, in just one place. His real comic-sense fans, or his on screen acting fans, all come together on his app and can post, share and even talk to him!