Cosmo Exclusive: Your Go-To Brand Mango Opened its First Store in Select Citywalk, Saket

Our September cover-girl Ileana D'Cruz shares her faves from the collection in this exclusive interview.




MANGO opened its first store in Delhi at Select Citywalk Mall. The store has been opened in partnership with Myntra. The model and actor, Ileana D'Cruz hosted the event.

Cosmo- What excites you most about the 'Myntra and Mango' partnership?

Ileana- "The fact that Mango is here, finally! I absolutely love shopping at Mango. I just love their silhouettes. I think, for someone like me who is pear-shaped it's very hard to find pants. Either it is really big on the waist or really loose and tight on the bum, but Mango is the perfect fit. I feel really happy when I shop for something and it just fits and makes me feel really good—Mango does that for me."

Cosmo- What are a few of your favourite pieces that you saw browsing about?

Ileana- "I love the fur coat! I'm not somebody who'd actually wear a real fur coat but this faux fur one just caught my eye. It's just so cute, it's like hugging a Persian cat. I also love the boots, they're really in right now and I think they look super-cool with skinny jeans and jeggings...or even a mini skirt for that matter. They also seem really comfy, and that's a big plus because it's always a nightmare to walk anywhere in heels."

Cosmo- What item from the collection do you see yourself wearing the most?

Ileana- "Definitely the boots and the shoes! I do love the bags as well...especially the little backpacks. I definitely love the shirts as well as the blouses, they've got some lovely colours. I think it's really nice that they're getting colours to winterwear."

Cosmo- Okay, so what's your one tip for shopping in a sale?

Ileana- "Go crazy! Just like grab as much stuff as you can, that's what I do, I grab over arm loads of stuff in a lot of amount and then I run to the fitting room. That's the best way because you never know what you're eventually going to end up getting. So yeah, just grab it, get it."

Cosmo- How has your style evolved since you've joined the industry?

Ileana- "It has definitely evolved. I used to wear jeans from the mens section when I was in college because I thought that was cool. And I'm not talking about some cool boyfriend jeans either. These were simply just ugly, grey, boy jeans. So, I've definitely evolved and most importantly I have accepted my body shape. Initially, I used to try and cover as much as possible but now I am like, yeah I've got a big bum, so whatever deal with it!"

Cosmo- One last thing, what do you have in your bag right now that you never leave home without (barring phone and wallet)?

Ileana- "Mints! I always, always need mints."