"I’m An Old Soul and a Hopeless Romantic. I Hope I Find Someone Soon!”: Tara Sutaria

As Cosmo to know the new belle in town, Tara talks passionately about her art, her definition of love, dealing with online trolls and more...

C: What are the kind of roles that you’re looking forward to in Bollywood?

TS: “I’m really looking forward to doing a musical. I have always had a penchant for it. Even as a young girl, my dream has been to star in a musical. I hope we make one, and I hope I get to act in it.”


C: Speaking of musicals, you have received formal training in music and dance. In fact, you have even performed in operas...

TS: “My twin sister and I started training since we were kids, all thanks to our parents. By the time I was five, I was already performing. I have never known anything else. I’m trained in western classical, semi-classical, and hip-hop music. For
12 years, I have practised classical ballet, free jazz, and Latin American ballroom. So, you see, music and dance are such important parts of my life. I can’t wait to manifest them in my films.”


C: What has been your most memorable performance so far?

TS: “I was 16 when I played the female lead, Sandy, in a musical called Grease. That was my favourite performance. I have a special fondness for the stage.”


C: You have 2 million followers on Instagram. Do you feel the pressures that come with social media?

TS: “No, on the contrary, I quite enjoy it. I don’t post as frequently on Instagram as some other young actors do, but it’s a conscious choice. In my opinion, it’s important to be yourself when you’re connecting with people. You should see what works for you personally, and stick to it. That’s my social media strategy, in a nutshell.”


C: And how do you deal with trolls?

TS: “Earlier, I used to get affected by what people would say. However, I have realised that it’s a part of an actor’s work and we should all learn to, at times, laugh at it. You can’t avoid it, so it’s best to take it in your stride and just move on.”


C: What’s the one cause you feel strongly about?

TS: “There are a few, TBH. First, growing up, my sister and I were taught to always give back to the community. I have performed at many concerts to raise money for different charitable concerns. Second, I’m all for adopting stray dogs. I’d do anything for animals. And of course, women empowerment. At the moment, I’m looking forward to discussing different issues concerning women in schools and colleges. The idea is to help young women feel strong and powerful about themselves. It’s the need of the hour.”




C: As an actor, being stylish and looking your best is a huge part of the job. How would you define your style?

TS: “My style is classic, elegant, with a hint of sexy!”


C: ...any favourite designers?

TS: “Anamika Khanna. All her designs are so stunning and beautiful.”


C: And what about make-up? Do you have a go-to make-up look?

TS: “I’m completely obsessed with make-up. I’m a girl-y girl [laughs].However, during the day, I like to keep it simple and natural, so I usually opt for a nude make-up look.”


C: Do you have a fitness routine?

TS: “I don’t go to the gym. I dance, and, sometimes, I like to do Pilates.”


C: What’s your relationship status?

TS: “Sadly, I’m single.” [Laughs]


C: Okay, then what’s your idea of an ideal relationship?

TS: “If I knew that, I would not be single [laughs]. But, let’s see. Ummm, I’m an old soul and a hopeless romantic. I’m a Scorpio...I love love. I hope I find someone soon!”


C: Speaking about the future, what are you looking forward to in the next couple of years?

TS: “Music. Lots of it! Also, I’d love to work on international projects. It’s a great time for crossovers and I can’t wait to be a part of them.”


C: What does success mean to you?

TS: “When you do your best, constantly strive to improve yourself every day, and never compare yourself to others. Basically, the best you can be...that’s success to me.”




1) I’m currently binge watching Stranger Things.

2) The most fabulous thing in my closet is a vintage bag from London.

3) I find it really hot when a man...has a sense of humour.

4) If I could trade a day with a celebrity I’d do it with Priyanka Chopra to see how she runs her world.

5) My favourite pick-me-up snack is a burger.

6) I’m secretly afraid of the dark.

7) I’ve been asked by a fan to sign a cheque for them!

8) I feel sexiest when I’m doing ballroom dance.

9) The last person I stalked on Instagram is my sister.

10) My favourite beauty icons are supermodels from the ’90s. I love them!