Salman Khan Shares the 12 Qualities Men Look for In Women

Cosmo interviewed Salman Khan in 2004 and interview is truly amazing to read, today!




1. Beauty: The first thing that attracts us to you might be your looks, but once we get to know you better, it's what's inside that matters. You may be the most beautiful woman around, but if you are not a nice person, then to me you are ugly as hell. If you love someone, you'll love them with sagging skin, falling hair and failing eyesight.

2. Honesty: Honesty is the sacred responsibility of both partners in a relationship. It's not about doing something to jeopardise it and then admitting to it. It's trying to refrain from committing an act that may strain your bond in the first place. You have to let your partner see you as you are. The truth may be painful, but it needs to be told.

3. Fidelity: This is an absolute necessity in any relationship. I would definitely break up with my woman if she cheated on me. I believe that if you love someone, you should have the strength to stay true to that person. I don't buy the fact that affairs happen in 'weak' moments. Weak moments are what test a relationship.

4. Sensitivity: Sensitivity is great, but crying at the movies and throwing tantrums...that's drama. My definition of sensitive is being sympathetic to everything around you. Overly touchy women are too whiny, while some just pretend to be helpless to get their way. Men like to play the knight to a damsel in distress, but too much distress can drive even the most loyal lover away.

5. Style: Guys may not appreciate the label you're sporting or the colour of the season, but they like a well-dressed woman. Wear only what looks good on you. Too much makeup and too few clothes are not hot. A girl with a makeup-free face and hair in a pony-tail is beautiful.

6. Love: There is no such thing as love. It's just a selfish need to be happy. Men and women are both guilty of confusing lust with love. Most of you believe that it's just the physical aspect that men are after. That's not true. For me, it gets better after I've been with a woman for a while. Sex is just an act, it becomes meaningful with someone who you've known and been happy with. To me, that's love. I hate women who say 'I will die without you'. That's a big lie.

7. Sense of Humour: We love women with a sense of humour. Men like gals who can laugh at themselves, not become the butt of jokes. A babe who is able to laugh without bothering about how she looks is wonderful. We love to goof around with our girls. Even if it's something as simple as sharing a funny private joke, a hilarious e-mail or SMS, it can make us inexplicably happy. Your giggles are gold to your guy, so keep them coming.

8. Fab Figure: We all notice a good bod and I think every girl should know this. Some women are careless about their appearance or ignore their bodies once they are in a steady relationship. When the batting eyelids and shy smiles are replaced with frowns and pursed lips, and the curves turn into tyres, that's when men begin to stray.

9. Attitude: We like a woman who knows when to be aloof and when to be friendly. You have to be nice to friends, family and the people around you, but it's okay to be a snooty bitch to strangers who try and hit on you. Men like women who speak their mind. When a relationship is not working out, they respect girls who can say so and walk away. If you're not interested, don't lead him on. Don't waste his time and money just to feed your ego. That's bad attitude.

10. Femininity: The best part about a woman is her loving, giving and compassionate nature. Tenderness is one of her greatest assets, but some girls don't realise that men like affection too. Each one of us wants to feel special and important to the women in our lives. You don't have to mollycoddle us like babies or be patronising. Strike the right balance and you can have us for keeps.

11. Friendship: In the end, having a best friend or soul mate is what counts, and we need that just as much as women do. But that does not mean being joined at the hip. Just like you, we need to feel that we aren't being held hostage. The smart woman knows that a man needs his space and doesn't hold it against him, or doubts his intentions. We like being with chicks who know that.

12. Intelligence: No one wants to be stuck with a bimbo. She has to be intelligent, dignified and able to understand when we want to be left alone and when all we want is eye contact. Whether you're in a relationship or not, you should always have interesting and fulfilling activities. Whether it's work, hobbies or friends, every woman should have something that she can call her own. We don't like clingy babes. It's not bad to be available for the one you love, but not at the cost of your individuality.