Alia Bhatt's Ex-Classmate Makes Some SHOCKING Revelations About Her

"Some of us were jealous as we knew she was sorted for the rest of her life"




Insiders making confessions about Bollywood stars have sort of become a trend on Quora now. After Shahrukh's ex-employee, Alia Bhatt's former classmate Siddharth Salla has has come forward to say some things about her.

This is what he wrote:

"Jamnabai had a lot of groupism. People without groups were loners or picked on. I was in the middle but naturally, Alia had a group since I can remember.

Alia obviously was always the popular girl who used to get all the attention as she was Mahesh Bhatt's daughter. She was always selected in plays etc which happened in school. She always had an entourage following her around the school. I remember she and her entourage were crash dieting in the 6th standard and after the physical education class in the summer they all fainted.

We all knew she was always going to be an actor. Some of us were jealous as we knew she was sorted for the rest of her life cause of her father and she didn't have to go to the struggle the way the other person/actors such as Shahrukh khan etc went through to reach their goal & some of us didn't bother.

Frankly speaking, she never spoke to anyone except for her friends. She was a 70-80% student.

We recently had a reunion it was the people were in their own groups no one socialized beyond the people they grew up eg I saw Alia and I don't think she ever noticed me in school or reunion."

Yes, this shows she was ALWAYS talked about!

Courtesy: Quora

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