#Throwback to This Fun Cosmo Twitter Chat With Jacqueline Fernandez

Candid AF!




#1. @CosmoIndia: What is the best relationship advice you've ever received?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Don't compromise. The right guy will come along and it'll be perfect!"

#2. @CosmoIndia: If you had to give us your wardrobe must- haves, what would be the top five things?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "A good quality white shirt, a navi blue boyfriend jacket, a pretty summer dress, hot sunglasses and sexy stilettos!"

#3. @CosmoIndia: What's your favourite fashion trend right now?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "I'm really getting into cool accessories now! So much fun!"

#4. @CosmoIndia: What do you think guys lie about the most?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Their secret obsession with Gossip Girl maybe? Haha!"

#5. @CosmoIndia:What is your favourite date-night fragrance?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Jean Paul Gaultier Classique."

#6. @CosmoIndia: What's your number one flirting trick?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Let your eyes do all the talking."

#7. @CosmoIndia: If we were to peep inside your bag, what would we find?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Craziness! Everything from my iPad mini to water spray to hand sanitizer to lipstick."

#8. @CosmoIndia: Imagine your phone was on fire...which apps would you save?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Instagram! I'm addicted!"

#9. @CosmoIndia: And tell us, who was your very first crush?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "In school, there was this boy in my brother's class, but I was too shy to ever tell him."

#10. @CosmoIndia: And what about your favourite designers?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "There are so many! I like the newer guys, they add something fresh and fun and young, which is what I love!"

#11. @CosmoIndia: What song are you loving these days? And book?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "I'm loving Blurred Lines right now, and last book was The Social Animal."

#12. @CosmoIndia: Let's talk work. What's keeping you busy these days?

@Asli_Jacqueline: "Kick with Salman and Roy with Ranbir and Arjun Rampal."

#13. @CosmoIndia: We think it's so amazing that you're doing stuff with PETA...tell us more!

@Asli_Jacqueline: "I've been with them since coming here and we both share the same love and concern for animals everywhere."