Saif Ali Khan Finally Goes On the Record About His Son's Name

And as usual, we have Koffee With Karan to thank

In what is easily one of the most controversial episodes of the series' fifth season running, some interesting revelations were made by Rangoon co-stars Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan took the couch, and the opportunity was seized to clear the air on a number of buzzing subjects about them both.

For Saif, one of the larger ones was all the controversy around his newborn son Taimur's name. Having dealt with an averse reaction to it by fans and objective observers, Saif had never so far explained his choice of name to the media.

Which is why it was exciting to see him finally tackle the backlash, head on. He clarified that it has nothing to do with the dictator—it's just a gorgeous, Persian name that mean 'Iron'. "It's just a beautiful name," he said.

We hope that put the haters to rest. *mic drop