Hugh Jackman Wants Shah Rukh Khan To Play the Next Wolverine

And SRK has the most EPIC response to that!




Shah Rukh Khan's known for his wry sense of humour, and the Bollywood superstar was at it again recently when Hugh Jackman expressed that he'd like to watch SRK play the next Wolverine. Hugh, who was attending a press con for his final movie as Wolverine—Logan—in Taiwan, was asked about who would he like to pass on the Wolverine baton to and he said: "Maybe Shah Rukh can play Wolverine...".

While, if that happened SRK fans around the globe would be ecstatic. However, Shah Rukh took to Twitter to speak about why he can't fulfil Jack's wish. Here's what he Tweeted, and spoiler alert, it's hilarious!

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/iamsrk/status/837803984060616706[/twitter]