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13 Times Deepika Padukone Gave Us Life Goals


Deepika Padukone SLAYS whether she's on or off camera. She never fails to gives us fashion goals, relationship goals and just life goals, in general.

The actress has been killing it at every step.

Here are 13 'Deepika' moments that make us go "YAASS QUEEN!"

1.When she stood up for herself and called out one of India's leading newspaper's for publishing sleazy content. Indian Internet supported her and thousands of internet users stood up for her.

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2.When she ruled over Hollywood like a boss and had her first debut along heartthrob Vin Diesel in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.

3. And when she taught him how to do the 'Lungi Dance' like a true Indian.

4. When she gave us fitness goals. *Renews gym membership*

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5. When she spoke about her depression to help remove the social stigma surrounding it and also launched an NGO to help people battle it.

6.When she remained humble and grateful to her family, and made the nation weep by reading her dad's letter on stage.

7.When her fashion game was ON POINT. It's always on point, guys!

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8.When she taught Roby Rose how to rock out to Honey Singh's 'Love Dose'

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9. Whenever she rocked her #Selfies like a Queen.

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10. When she followed in her father's footsteps and advocated how sports can change someone's life.[/twitter]

12. When she didn't let all the comparisons to Priyanka Chopra bring her down by saying, "It's not fair to make comparisons. Let me just say everyone has a different path and journey."

13. And lastly, when she gave *major* relationship goals with Ranveer Singh and remained as goofy as ever while doing it.

*cries happy tears*

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