Alia Bhatt is Going to Take a Break From Acting!

Wait, What?!



Yes you heard that right, our favourite Bollywood cutie is taking a six-month break from acting! No more 'Radha thumkas' or her playful on-screen characters, at least not for the next six months.

If you're wondering what went wrong, the actor did give some explanation to her fans by saying that she wanted to better her craft and learn new skills. Not just that, Alia is also keen to learn how to play the piano, learn Kathak, and even get a little bit better at cooking.

Speaking to a leading daily, she said: "I want to be more equipped as an actor. I realise acting is not just about what you do when you're facing the camera. There's a lot more thought that goes into it. I am trying to gather as many experiences as possible."

Her next film, Ayan Mukherji's, Dragon, starts filming in September. Here's wishing her good luck for all the things that she wants to do.

Now excuse us while we think about taking a career break too!