Look Who Look Who Is *FINALLY* Over Deepika Padukone

This man has been obsessing over her for years!




The queen of gazillion hearts, Deepika Padukone, has millions of followers on social media. Everyday her fans confess their love for the dimpled beauty and eagerly await her next post or public appearance. While she always gets lovely messages from her fans, there's this one person who can't get enough of her.

She recently received one message from the same boy informing her that he won't be missing her anymore. ? Any guesses on who that guy is? Nope, it's not Ranveer Singh.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/KapilSharmaK9/status/842953523855867904[/twitter]

Kapil Sharma recently introduced his lady-love to all his fans on Twitter. After this revelation, the king of comedy tweeted to Deepika that he won't miss her now.

[twitter ]https://twitter.com/KapilSharmaK9/status/842960436026888193[/twitter]

It will be interesting to see how Deepika will respond to it.How cute!