Here's How Sunny Leone Deals With The Trolls

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Trolls are an inevitable part of celeb life. Some choose to give them a fitting reply (like the our sassy cover girl, Sonam Kapoor did) and some choose to ignore.

Sunny Leone has a calm way of dealing with the trolls. The actress simply goes on and blocks the trolls trying to hate on her on her social media.

In a recent interview given to IANS, Sunny mentioned that she can't do anything about the stereotypes. When asked, if the trolls and negativity on social media platforms affect her, she replied saying, "No. Because I have the block button. I don't give two hoots about it. I know my following has been by my side for many years, and I love them for it."

You go, girl!

Like, not too long ago she dealt with Ram Gopal Verma's mean tweet by giving him a fitting reply.

The actress is currently holidaying in Mexico and posting these envy-worthy pictures, flaunting her hot summer bod.

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