Wait, is it Priyanka Chopra as a Background Dancer in This Really Old Bollywood Song?

Let's find out!




Priyanka Chopra is getting huge appreciation ATM. And there's no doubt that he has put in immense amount of hard work for the life she has today. But, while we were going through the timeline of her success, we came across an old video that features PeeCee or someone who looks a lot like her. This song, Chor do Aanchal is bound to make you feel clueless even after several watches. The reason being the person that appears on screen at 1:06 minutes looks a lot like Priyanka! We're not kidding, see for yourself!

Check it out here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwGpxWA-C6c[/youtube]

As per Wikipedia, "Many have confused the male artist to be Priyanka Chopra."

So we're assuming it isn't her. But did it confuse you too? Let us know your take on this!