15 Times Priyanka Chopra Was Way Too Relatable

Most of us want #8 RN!




Pee Cee has taken over the world by storm and given us travel goals and life goals in general. Here are 15 moments when we can actually relate to her, and her sassy AF expressions.

1. When you're having a good hair day.

2. When someone tells you that you can't have the last slice of pizza.

3. When your flirting game is on point.

4. When you're ready to rock that girl's night out.

5. Basically, whenever someone compliments you.

6. When you wake up the morning after a rough night out, and have no idea where you are.

7. When you're wayyy too happy with your new purchase.

8. When you've worked hard for your summer bod, and you just want to show it off by running dramatically.

9. When your partner thinks he can win an argument.

10. When mum won't stop lecturing you about life and marriage.

11. When you look flawless, and all the boys in the club want you.

12. When you put on a brave face for work, every Monday morning.

13. When you want to show Bae how cute you are.

14. When you like your ex's Instagram post by accident.

15. When you know you're going to be crazy-dog lady for life, but you're okay with that.