5 Times Salman Khan Took an Awkward Dig at Katrina Kaif

#3 is kinda heart-breaking!




1. When he called her 'Katrina Kapoor'.

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At Arpita Khan's (Salman's sister) wedding reception, Salman couldn't help but grab the opportunity to really embarrass his ex. So, when one of Katrina's item songs started playing at the wedding, Salman called her to join him on the stage. But then he corrected himself saying, "Ok fine, not Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kapoor, please come on stage!" He added, "I gave you a chance to become Katrina Khan, but you chose to be 'Katrina Kapoor'!"

Ooo, that's gotta hurt.

2. When he embarrassed Katrina on Bigg Boss.

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Katrina appeared on the popular TV show, Bigg Boss to promote her film 'Tees Maar Khan' and obviously, the show's host, Salman jumped at a chance to humiliate her again. He asked, 'You've now worked with Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, all of us. Now you've caught hold of Ranbir Kapoor... do you want to go even lower than that? Do you want someone even younger?'

That's definitely not cool, Salman.

3. When he again passed a sly comment on Bigg Boss.

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During the last season of Bigg Boss, Elli Avram told Salman, 'I'm ready to do anything for you.' To which Salman reminisced about his past with Katrina and said, 'Listening to your dialogue, I couldn't help but remember Katrina from 5 years ago.' Basically implying how head-over-heels the actress was for him.

4. When he had to bring up Ranbir and Katrina on Koffee with Karan.

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The Koffee with Karan couch has heard a LOT of controversial statements and sly digs, this was just another one of them that Salman couldn't hold back on. During the rapid fire round, Salman was asked what advice would he give to Ranbir, to which he advised Ranbir to 'have fun'. And to Katrina he said, 'make sure he does not have fun.'

5. When he came up with another witty one-liner on Koffee with Karan.

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On the same show, Karan Johar, asked Salman, what would he do if he woke up as Ranbir? Salman said, "Is Salman lucky, or am I?" And then Karan asked him, what would he do if he woke up as Katrina? To which, Salman said, "Where's Ranbir?"

Karan, are you trying to probe him on further?