5 Bollywood Actors and Their 'Wont Do' Clauses For Their Movie Contracts

#4 will disappoint you!

If you think you knew enough about actors and their starry demands, it's time we give you a truckload of new info about what your fave celebs do and don't like to do while filming a movie.

Ever wondered how it's like to have a 'No Monday Morning Meetings' and 'Mandatory Margarita Fridays' clause in your present job contract? Well, that does sound like a dream but almost impossible for our work profiles, sadly.

Celebs on the other hand can make these rules very clear to their producers and often end up having their way. From 'not kissing on screen' to 'extra fee for working on weekends', we've got all #TantrumGoals (if that's even a thing) covered for you.

Let's have a look:

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1. Kareena Kapoor apparently decided not to do intimate kissing scenes with her co-stars post marrriage.

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2. Hrithik Roshan has apparently introduced a clause in his contract for Mohenjo Daro where the actor is entitled to charge more money than his pre-decided fee if he is required to shoot more than the scheduled period of time due to delays or changes.

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3. Even after getting so popular in the West, Priyanka Chopra didn't give into their norms. She had a 'no nudity' clause in her contract for her Hollywood series, Quantico.

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4. Leave it to Mr. Perfectionist to set the uniquest conditions! Aamir Khan allegedly signed Dhoom:3 after getting an assurance that the franchise's got to end with it. Guess, there's no hope for Dhoom 4, then!?

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5. Salman Khan also doesn't like locking lips on screen as it makes him feel awkward and uncomfortable knowing that his mother is going to watch it too. Well, that's a legit struggle, Salman!