Justin Bieber's Insane Demands For His India Tour Will Shock You!

For instance, dishes renamed after his hit songs will be served to him!




Justin Bieber is soon going to hit the road in India and fans already have a hole in their pockets after spending a bomb on the concert tickets. Since, it is Biebs' first ever visit to India, the singer has made some really hefty demands that will put all other demands that were ever made in the entire history of demands to shame!

The list of his conditions to perform in our homeland has gone viral and seems a bit too much for our bieber fever!

Justin has demanded a convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses that will be at his disposal. His entourage of 120 people throughout their stay will avail all special services required at the moment. The musician will have a Rolls Royce reserved himself at all times. And to top it all of, a fleet of special security cars, high-end security and Maharashtra Police personnel will be accompanying him, apart from the artists' global security who already are 8 in number.

And the mile long list doesn't just ends here...

Dishes renamed after his hit songs will be served to him - perhaps Sor-roti, Love Yoursamosa and What Dosa You Mean?? ?

Also, a masseuse will be flown in from Kerala to be with Justin through out his stay and Arrangements for a Jacuzzi have also been made for Bieber's personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage.

Wondering if he's coming for a tour or a vacay?!

For the first time in the history, Bieber will be flying into the stadium in a chopper. Yes! you read that right! In a CHOPPER! And not taking the road as most international artists do in India.

Although, most of the time spotted shirtless, JB has demanded two packages of plain white t-shirts (sizes XS and L), two packages of tank tops, three packages of white trainer socks and platters of white cheddar popcorn added to his list.

There's also a rule of "no cell phones allowed near the artist, no autographs and guests are not allowed to "speak to him" backstage, which is to be strictly followed.

If you think that's enough, you're again wrong! Take a look at Bieber's prodigious demands below: