Mira Rajput Gets in Trouble With the Cops

*Face-palm* moment!




Mira Rajput Kapoor, is in the limelight every now and then, either for her opinionated statements about motherhood aka 'puppy' analogy or for getting a ticket on account of speeding. The young, celebrity wife is yet again in the news for having trouble with the cops!

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Reportedly, Mira had parked her car outside a restaurant, she frequently visits with husband, Shahid Kapoor and baby Misha. But unfortunately for her, the area was a 'No Parking' zone. As soon as she was about to leave, the traffic policemen tapped her window and asked her to pay a fine of two thousand bucks, as per standard traffic norms!

Luckily for the cops, Mira politely obliged and paid up, instead of throwing any star-studded celebrity tantrums or trying to get away without paying. Now, that's a pretty cool thing to do for a celeb, and we totally respect Mira for owning up for the fault.

But looks like this lunch didn't just satiate her appetite, but also made her break some headlines. *Oops*