Priyanka Chopra Just Got Insulted by Gordon Ramsay Over Her Cooking Skills

The 'mean chef' has spoken




Priyanka Chopra, is a master of all trades, she's actually good at everything she does. Apart from being a tremendous actor, she's absolutely stunning, she can sing, and has an incredible personality.

But when it comes to cooking, we aren't so sure. On Watch What Happens Live, with Andy Cohen, famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, insulted Priyanka's dish, saying it looks like a "dog's dinner". Ouch!

Gordon is famous for insulting dishes on Twitter, and roasting aspiring home-cooks, about their amateur skills.

And Bollywood favourite, Priyanka, was just another one of his victims.

Priyanka had made some kind of 'soup' (or something that looks like it), which Gordon, clearly didn't seem to like.

Here, watch his reaction to her home-made creation, along with him roasting several other celebrities.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raVYU0DbeVA&feature=youtu.benity[/youtube]

He even insulted Chrissy Teigen's dish, saying that it looks like, "a seagull shat all over it." Oh, Gordon!