Priyanka Chopra Took a Selfie at the Holocaust Memorial and People Are FURIOUS!

Even a film star can't break the only unspoken rule of taking selfies at the Holocaust Memorial.




Priyanka Chopra is everywhere! She's taking Hollywood by storm, promoting her debut film Baywatch, across several platforms. She's making statements walking down red carpet events, and appearing in American TV shows. Currently, she's in Berlin, promoting her film. And she even happened to have a casual chat with PM Narendra Modi, during her visit.

But Priyanka has been in a lot of trouble with the Internet lately, especially with wearing a dress in front of Modi. And just recently, she broke the only unspoken rule, and took a selfie at the Holocaust Memorial, in Berlin.

She visited the prime attraction with her brother, Siddharth Chopra and posted their selfies on her Instagram story. The Holocaust memorial, or rather the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, was opened to honour the millions of Jewish victims, killed by the Nazis. So no wonder, that Priyanka's actions touched a nerve.

The pictures attracted severe criticism across all social media platforms, and people lashed out at her, calling the pictures, 'tone-deaf' and 'insensitive'. People felt that it was very disrespectful to pose for pictures, at such a grim monument. Here, take a look at what they had to say.

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However, the actor has since deleted the photographs from her Instagram, and Twitter accounts.