Interesting Update: Katrina Kaif is Suddenly Veryyy Possessive About Salman Khan

And this is what happened...




Who would have thought that Katrina Kaif would get protective over, ex-boyfriend, Salman Khan?

Well, miracles do happen.

Katrina has always kept her life quite private, especially her relationships. So we aren't sure what spurred this sudden affection, but we're going to hope that there's something even more special in store, especially when it comes to Salman and Katrina.

At the IIFA 2017 press conference, in Mumbai, Katrina looked stunning alongside her Tiger Zinda Hai co-star, Salman. They're still as adorable, quirky and funny on stage, and Salman was quick to shower praises on his ex-girlfriend, claiming that she was one of the best dancers of Bollywood. Now that's saying something!

But what urged Katrina to get possessive over Salman? Well, we'll need to update you a bit on this Bollywood fact first. Alia Bhatt and Salman Khan have never worked together in a movie!!!

So, when the press asked whether they can see the two of them on-screen together, sometime soon. Katrina was quick to butt in and say, "Please leave Alia Bhatt for Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan for me."

How cute is that?! Is Katrina rekindling some feelings for the Bollywood star, or is it just friendly banter?

Although, it would be interesting to see Alia and Salman in a movie together.

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