A Fan Made Fun of Sonam Kapoor's Fashion Sense and She Was NOT Happy

Read on to see what she said...




Sonam Kapoor is clearly the fashion icon of Bollywood. What with her new clothing line, Rheson, and her fabulous outfits at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, one can't deny that she's the definition of style, and glamour.

She's made headlines for her elegant sense of style, and stunned red carpet events with one amazing outfit after another. People have been curious to know about the reserved actor's life, and where she gets her unique style from.

Recently, she appeared on a chat show with Filmfare editor, Jitesh Pillai, and blessed us all by giving an inside into her life. It was quite surprising really, she openly spoke about relationships, and why she doesn't talk about her love life.

She said, "I don't want it to be written about. That has to be under my control. Everything else in my life is completely out of control. People are always saying things about me, on social media. They are always judging the way I look, the way I stand, the way I eat, the way I act, the way I speak. I need to protect others who come into my life because that person hasn't signed up for what I have. Why should he or she have to go through that? It's not fair. It's private and I don't believe in talking about it. I will not hide it, but I will not talk about it either."

Fair enough Sonam, we feel you.

But what caught our attention was this one question directed at her, by a fan on her social media. "Why have you tied a bedsheet to your neck?" they wrote.

Obviously, Sonam didn't take it too well, and absolutely did not look pleased with that question. But she gave a kick-*ss reply, and said, "My darling, I can carry off a trash bag."

True that! ?

Watch her reaction, here:

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