Priyanka Chopra Finally Reveals the 2 Things She Looks For in a Partner

And guess which celeb, she thinks is perfect marriage material?




Priyanka Chopra is creating waves across Bollywood and Hollywood, she's everywhere promoting her new debut film, Baywatch. And stunning in red carpet event, with her record breaking Met Gala, trench dress.

Although, her recent trip to Berlin, to promote her film made headlines, for all the wrong reasons. She was trolled by Indians for wearing a knee-length dress to meet PM Narendra Modi, and then again for breaking the only unspoken rule, and taking a selfie at the Holocaust Memorial.

We were hoping that Priyanka would make a come-back with Baywatch, but that kinda failed in the box-office as well. It's surprising really, the movie featured some big Hollywood names, and not to forget total hunks, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.

Regardless, it's done wonders for Priyanka's International career, and the foreign media just can't get enough of her.

During a recent interview, with a leading daily, she gave us an insight into her life, and her hectic career. She even revealed how she felt about all the Internet trolls, shaming her for various reasons.

This is what she said, "I feel like we live in a world right now where everything gets magnified so much and most of us are afraid to have an opinion because everything gets magnified and everyone has an opinion on the internet. Since when did trolling become international news first of all? It's TROLLING FOR A REASON. I don't care, I get so much love and affection from people on my social – I focus on that. And second of all, that's how you should treat life. I was raised by my parents to have an opinion, I was raised to be fearless, I was raised to not be a girl who was meant to always be quiet and demure. I was told to be the best that I can be and I wish that for every girl-child on the planet."

Yeah you tell them, Priyanka. We totally agree with the whole trolling thing!

She also revealed some adorable information about co-star, Dwayne, aka The Rock! She said, "I definitely think he would make great marriage material because I've seen him with his family and I've seen him with his kids and I know how much of a family man he is. The one thing you need in a husband is honesty and trust and The Rock totally exudes that."

Honesty, and trust. That's a good enough man we'd say.