Priyanka Chopra Promoted the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in This Ingenious Way...

...and we are awestruck.




Priyanka Chopra — the name that immediately comes to your mind when you think of a Bollywood celebrity who is setting global benchmarks. The list of her achievements is growing steadfastly, and endlessly. While we are supremely proud of her, we cannot help but wonder at her mettle and determination.

It takes dedicated hard-work, and immense courage to make a mark in the entertainment industry on your own, without any big name to get attached to and PeeCee has nailed the job so well that she has even bounced off to International waters, successfully carving her own niche there.

With success, comes a moral and social responsibility, and Priyanka Chopra has not disappointed us, in setting high standards in philanthropy as well! As UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador, her recent work done to highlight the challenges faced by survivors of child-sexual abuse in Zimbabwe is notable.

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When asked in an interview about the reason behind her initiative as a philanthropist, she said, "Both my parents were doctors. When I was really young, we would go into these villages, and set up these free medical clinics for people who couldn't afford treatments. As a kid, philanthropy was a really big part of my family, and what we did. So, I just knew it was really an important part for me."

To take forward the 'Swachh Bharat' initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Viacom 18 has initiated a campaign in Mumbai titled 'Chakachak', an activity dedicated to promote cleanliness.

It started with Viacom 18 collaborating with 'Art Attack' visual artist, Rob to create a humongous wall canvas in Mumbai. A wall has been converted into a huge mural to encourage the people to keep their city clean and green through creativity and art. The mural depicts garbage with messages like 'Being Green is Staying Green' and a pollution free city.

And guess who was one of the art frames in the mural?

Yes, it was Priyanka Chopra's character 'Mary Kom' shown knocking out all the trash from the city! The canvas looks breathtaking, and it will surely garner a huge response from the masses.

PeeCee took to her Instagram to share this, contributing in her own way to promote the social cause, captioning her post —

" I think art in public places in the form of wall paintings, graffiti or murals brings joy and drives all of us to keep the area clean and contribute to the beauty of our surroundings. May it serve as a gentle reminder to work towards a #ChakachakMumbai! #SwachhBharatAbhiyan"

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This initiative by Viacom 18 is ingenious and hard-hitting, and will surely encourage people to start taking cleanliness as an important issue, which needs to be catered to!