Guess Which Bollywood Actors Made it to The Forbes List

There has been a new addition to the highest payed celebs this year




It's safe to say there is no business like show business, especially when it comes to raking in the moolah! Bollywood actors in India get payed a pretty awesome amount of money , enough to make them appear on the Forbes highest payed celebrities list year after year.

This year's list is no different. Read on to see who made all the bucks amongst tinsel town's finest in 2017.

1.Shahrukh Khan : Despite delivering a flop with his movie Fan ,SRK has jumped from 86th in the rankings last time to 65th this year, with earnings of $38 million . Now that is some big bucks alright!

2.Akshay Kumar: No one delivers hits quite like Akshay , and his earnings seem to show exactly this. He had the brilliant year of 2016, with all of his films Rustom,Airlift amongst others reaching the 100-crore mark at the box office. Akshay, who was 94th last time, is ranked 80th with $35.5 million earnings.

And the new entrant ..... you guessed it ...

3. Salman Khan :Thanks to his mega hit Sultan , Salman made an entry in the list, ranked 71st with earnings of $37 million.

All we can say is ......must be fun to be so rich!!!