Remember Priyanka Chopra's Ex Boyfriend Harman Baweja? You Won't Believe How He Looks Now

The changes are DRASTIC!

He was the hot newcomer back in 2008. Debuting in a big budget sci-fi movie, Love Story: 2050, with none other than Priyanka Chopra, Harman Baweja was touted as the next Hritik Roshan in Bollywood. Girls were swooning over his good looks and his dance moves. Oh! those perfect dance moves would still put every next Shahid, Hritik and Tiger to shame.

But sadly after giving four huge duds in a career span of only 7 years, it looks like Harman Baweja has been hit hard by age, and that can be seen clearly in these pictures of his recent outing in Mumbai.

Harman Baweja, who used to date *cough* Priyanka Chopra *cough* in 2008, looks twice his age now— FYI, he's 36. No really, he does. And it's really hard to gulp down these drastic changes.

See it yourself.