Wait, What?! Saif Ali Khan Went on a Date With Kareena Kapoor Wayyy Before They Got Together...

And Shahid Kapoor was there, too!




Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's love story has been the talk of the town ever since they started dating each other. It all started on the sets of Tashan, and after a commitment of five years, the couple got married with in all their royal finery. The couple is now blessed with an extremely adorable baby boy, Taimur Ali Khan.

Recently in a chat show, Kareena shared a memory from the sets of Omkara. Back then, when Kareena was dating Shahid Kapoor, Saif was in a relationship with the model, Rosa Catalano. Kareena revealed the complete episode when four of them went on a double date. And the irony of it will leave you amazed!

The actor said, "Shooting in that environment in Mahableshwar and of the excitement of working with so many big stars around you. The best part about Omkara was that everyone thought, their role was the best."

"I do remember that Saif was with his previous girlfriend of that time and I was in another relationship. But it's so strange that all of us had gone out for dinner together", admitted Kareena.

Well, we're sure it must have been the most interesting double date ever.

And now, whenever Kareena brings up the whole incident with Saif, his reaction is completely hilarious.

Kareena said, "It was quite a moment which now of course when I tell Saif he's like 'Oh really! I don't remember,' and I was like, 'Very conveniently you have erased it out of your memory.'"

Well we don't really blame Saif for letting bygones be bygones, especially in this case!