Looks Like Saif's Ex-Wife is Not Happy With His Remark On Sara Ali Khan's Bollywood Debut!

And here's what happened.




Bollywood buffs are eagerly waiting to see Saif Ali Khan and his former wife, Amrita Singh's daughter—Sara Ali Khan, work her magic on the big screen with her upcoming debut film—Kedarnath, by Abhishek Kapoor. After oodles of speculation about her debut, from Student Of The Year 2 to the Hindi remake of The Fault In Our Stars, a social media announcement by the film's director finally put all rumours to rest.

There were reports going viral that in a tug of war between Kareena Kapoor's choice of banner (which was obviously Karan Johar's production) to kick-start Sara's debut, and Amrita Singh's close ally Ekta Kapoor, it was the latter who had the final verdict.

To top it off, amidst all this, there has been a rise of controversial interviews about her choice of profession, by none other than her father, Saif Ali Khan!

In an interview with a leading daily, father Saif Ali Khan expressed his hesitation and anxiety over his daughter's entry in showbiz.

"Why would she want that for herself? Look at where she studied. After having done that, why wouldn't she want to live and work in New York, rather than do this?," he said.

He candidly opened up on his insecurities, his past failures and apprehensions born out of them which made him a bit sceptical of the career choice Sara was opting for.

"(I am) A little nervous. Fear is the most driving factor in the industry. I am not looking down on acting, it's just it is not the most stable profession. And everyone lives in constant fear. And there is no guarantee that despite doing your best, you will succeed. This is not the life, any parent would want for their children."

But looks like all this did not bode well with Sara's mother, and his ex-wife—Amrita Singh!

Yes, according to a report in DNA, Saif's ex-wife Amrita Singh told him off over the phone for commenting on Sara's career choice. "She told him it was an irresponsible thing to say considering Sara is about to embark on a film career," said the source.

After a couple of days, in another interview at the IIFA press conference, Saif then tried to make amends and get the situation in control. He stated, "It's annoying when you give a nice interview and people pick up one line and talk about it; it's irritating. I support my daughter and I love her. I think her choice is great. Of course, she is an actress and she comes from a family of artistes. I am still a little concerned for her as it's an unsure profession. I love her so I worry for her."

According to the source who was quoted in DNA to explain this change of statement, "Saif didn't want to be dragged into an argument, so he mumbled that he was 'quoted out of context' and calmed down his former wife."

To further support his contradicting, he added, "She has a lot of well wishers around her... from her mother (Amrita Singh) to me, Karan Johar to everybody. She can seek advice from anybody. I am very happy that she is doing something she is passionate about and its a beautiful job."

The whole scenario and Saif's attempt to clear the air was pretty evident, which made people speculate and reach the truth that Sara's mother, Amrita Singh was the reason behind it.

Saif Ali Khan was also asked what advice would he give his daughter, as someone from the same profession, to which he replied, "I would say read a script properly... that's always good. I think Sara is a very bright girl... She is well educated and has got a nice mind."

Well, this whole broil surrounding the star kid's acting stunt, and the difference of opinion between her separated parents makes it all the more spicy for tabloids, and one cannot help but wait eagerly to see how she fares at the box-office.