This is Probably the Meanest Thing Sonam Kapoor Has Ever Said About Katrina Kaif

You do not mess with Bollywood's fashion icon!




So you know how Chandler Bing is the 'funny' one in Friends? Well it's almost like saying that Sonam Kapoor is the 'style icon' in Bollywood–it's a given. She knows fashion, and she knows what suits her–she's always so well dressed that it's rare to see even a hair out of place!

Sonam's been quick to shut down trolls in the past, who've dared question her fashion sense. And recently, she's just put Katrina Kaif in her place, when Ranbir Kapoor compared both their styles.

Yeah, Ranbir just said that Katrina should be considered a fashion icon, just like Sonam. Considering the ex's love-hate relationship in various talk-shows lately, we have no idea where that came from.

But during the promotion of their much-awaited film, Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir in a recent interview said, "Katrina is way ahead of people when it comes to fashion especially in India. She finds certain brands that nobody knows and she wears it three months before people get to know about it. That's why maybe people don't consider her (Katrina) like people consider Sonam Kapoor. I do believe there is some fashion icon somewhere inside her but she is very shy about it."

Katrina however remained humble, and remarked, "Sonam is incredible with her sense of fashion. I don't have that and I just wear what I like."

But apparently, Sonam was extremely offended. A source told Pinkvilla, "Though Sonam finds Katrina quite stylish, she feels Ranbir even trying to compare her and Katrina, is very silly and random. Sonam feels that she and Katrina are at completely different levels and that she has more knowledge in the fashion field than Katrina ever had. She does not feel that Katrina has been experimental at all with her style and looks."

Umm, that's a bit savage don't you think?