Priyanka Chopra's Answer to This Throwback Pageant Question Will Make You Question Her Wit

...for a bit!




She conveys a gorgeous air of perfection today, and is relentlessly adding more and more milestones to her kitty by the day. One such that kick-started her journey to fame was, winning the prestigious Miss World 2000 beauty pageant.

Yes, when Priyanka Chopra who was already crowned Miss India by then, went on to become Miss World 2000, she made the entire nation proud. The perfect combination of beauty with brains—PeeCee left her competitors far behind in this race.

However sometimes, just sometimes—the contestants or even the hosts(remember wrong names being announced?) goof up on stage, and we came across one such hilarious incident from our fave Priyanka's pageant interview!

During one of the elimination rounds, when the contestants are asked questions to judge their opinions, intellect and presence of mind, Priyanka Chopra was asked the following question:

Q: "Who do you think is the most successful woman living today and why?"

And her answer to the question was :

P: "There are a lot of people I admire, but one of the most admirable people is Mother Teresa, who has been so compassionate, considerate and kind."

Now, while that sounds like an incredible and perfect answer, no doubt, there's just a small detail that PeeCee probably missed out. For instance, the blatantly obvious words—"living today".

This completely threw Priyanka's perfectly fabricated 10/10 answer out of context, making us wonder how could one miss out such an important detail on a world platform like that! Moreover, the massive fan following which literally worships her, would be baffled and aghast at a silly error like this, even if it was at at time when she was very young.

Since this lack of attention to detail did not deter her from altogether winning the pageant, we too would let go of this hilarious AF (which totally deserved a mention though!) goof-up by our beloved Priyanka Chopra, and continue to fan-girl over her all *heart-eyed*.