Here's Why Shahid Kapoor Had To Apologise to Mira Rajput's Father

T'was a legit reason though.




We've always loved Shahid—the chocolate boy but, let's admit that this family man side of the actor makes him even more irresistible. Ever since he got married, Shahid has been giving us MAJOR #MarriageGoals. His sweet gestures and comments is just a proof of what a doting husband he is.

Shahid's fondness for Mira is evident by the pictures of him looking lovingly at his baby-wife, him going down on his knees to propose Mira at an award function and his adorable statements like how she makes him 'want to be a better person'.

It might be shocking to know that this loving husband once apologised to Mira's father. But, the reason for it is absolutely heartwarming.

In an interview given to Filmfare, Shahid shared this incident where he called his father-in-law to apologise after Misha's birth. He said:

"I was both ecstatic and scared. I began thinking of Mira's father and how he must have felt when he gave away his baby, his daughter to this strange guy, an actor from Mumbai with a ponytail and coloured hair, who perhaps thought he was a 'cool dude'. I called him up instantly and apologised if I had troubled him at any point. I may have overlooked his point of view somewhere, regarding something which may have been important to him, this realisation came when I held a baby girl in my hands when I felt vulnerable. I don't want anything to go wrong with her ever. I guess, being a man I always thought of as a man. But holding a baby girl gave me a new perspective. It changes everything.

? ? ? ? ? Give him the best dad trophy already!