Here's What Kareena Kapoor Khan Feels About Sara Ali Khan's Bollywood Debut

"She'll rock the industry!"




Being one of the hottest celeb kids on the block, that too with a promising air about her—Sara Ali Khan is the talk of the town, for her big step into the world of Bollywood.

For all of you who aren't aware of the rage of controversies that surrounded this her debut, here's a quick recap.

Earlier, rumours were rife that Sara would kick-start her Bollywood career under Karan Johar's banner, which is no surprise considering he is 'best buds' with Sara's step-mum, and best friend—Kareena Kapoor!

However, Sara's mother and Saif's ex-wife, Amrita Singh thought otherwise, and finalised Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures to launch her daughter, considering they were closer allies, and she had the final word on the script.

This was followed by a controversy about Saif's inhibitions for his daughter's choice of profession, and he later taking his words back after a slight tiff with Amrita Singh, over the same!

Cut a long story short—this to-be actress has the country hooked on her, and her upcoming film, Kedarnath opposite Sushant Singh Rajput.

She has lost oodles of weight, and has often surfaced in pictures working out with Kareena and her squad. In a talk show Kareena revealed how she was pretty close and frank with Saif's daughter, Sara and recently, a leading daily asked her about her views on Sara's talent.

"I am sure she is going to be supremely talented. She has it in her genes. She is looking amazing and gorgeous and I truly believe that with her beauty and talent she is going to rock the industry," said Kareena. She clearly has a lot of faith on Sara and her acting prowess, and we couldn't be more amazed at their bond.

Director Abhishek Kapoor was asked about the reason behind casting a newcomer like Sara, and the ideology behind it. To which he replied, "We are a filmmaking company, and we will strive to tell stories with those who fit our vision the best. Casting newcomers is not a deliberate move but a natural process. Sara is a beautiful bundle of energy. The new talent we bring in today will be the future of the industry."

Well, we are totes excited to see how she fares at the box-office!