Ranbir Kapoor: Koffee With Karan Has Exploited Bollywood!

'We come and we get screwed through the year, and he's making money out of us.'

If you keep a track of all the Bollywood controversies (like us), you'll find that most of them take start from one place. Or a couch, to be specific. Any guesses? It's the mother of all talk shows, the very notorious and the reason for all our guilty pleasures —Koffee With Karan.

Most of the biggest controversies that erupt in Bollywood, are after the telecast of some infamous Koffee With Karan episodes.

Well, What's a chat show without scandals, pot shots aimed at contemporaries, and spilling of some beans? The show has given us lot of reasons to gossip about the who's who of Bollywood, all thanks to the host of the show, Karan Johar.

From answering the most controversial questions to making allegations on exes, this chat show only got spicier with time.

In the latest season of the show, Karan managed to get Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh together to the show, amidst all the hype. If you're still pondering over the whole HYPE thing, then let us remind you, Ranbir Kapoor is Deepika Padukone's ex, who is now allegedly in a relationship with Ranveer Singh.

Now tell us, isn't Karan a mastermind at creating all things awkward and controversial at the same time! Huh?

Recenty, Ranbir Kapoor, during a podcast interview, gave his honest opinion about the show, and boy, the guy is speaking.

"You know Karan so well and he makes you so comfortable and you are chatting with him and you don't realise there are a billion people taking every word of yours seriously and that you are going to get screwed for it later."

Is he talking about that one segment, when he confessed that he slept with his friend's girlfriend...

"I am tired of Koffee with Karan. I was forced to do this season. I told Karan I don't want to come in and me and Anushka were actually going to protest and get the film industry together to stop this because it's not fair. He is making money out of us. We come and we get screwed through the year. It's not right," he added.

Ranbir is not the first one to speak at length about the show.

Earlier, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have also expressed their embarrassment about their un-befitting moments on the show.