Misha Kapoor Has Started Walking And Her Pictures are a Sight to Behold

We just can't stop gushing over her.




Ever since Misha Kapoor's birth, she has been the apple of Shahid Kapoor's eye. The actor keeps posting interesting updates about his munchkin on Instagram. His feed is flooded with Misha's pictures and videos where she is either learning to clap or trying to match her dance moves with father, Shahid.

Misha will be turning one on August 26, 2017 and Shahid Kapoor just can't keep calm. The doting father is super excited to celebrate his li'l one's first birthday. According to the sources, Shahid is planning to take Misha for a foreign trip on her birthday.

Recently, Misha was spotted taking baby steps with mommy, Mira Kapoor and the pictures are beyond adorable. Reportedly, Misha was coming out of her play school.

Here have a look:

According to a leading daily, "Shahid will host a party kick-starting the celebrations of Misha's first birthday."

A source also revealed, "From the film fraternity, Shahid has invited Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt for the do. Shahid will also spend the next few days showing Mira and Misha around."