7 Bollywood Celebs Who Talked About Shooting Intimate Scenes On-Screen

And their answers were real AF!




1. Sayani Gupta played a blind lesbian in the critically acclaimed film, Margarita With A Straw where she had to romance the film's lead, Kalki Koechlin who is suffering from cerebral palsy. She opened up to Mumbai Mirror, about her experience in the film, particularly about shooting intimate scenes.

"It is an integral part of the film and it was no big deal for me. I do my part and forget about it. Both Kalki and I went through an 'Intimacy Workshop' with New York based therapist, Monsoon, so that we could better understand the give-and-take equation in the sexual relationship. My eyes were shut and Kalki was on her wheelchair most of the time. We both had to come to terms with our disabilities. Shonali made sure that we didn't see the monitor after the scenes was shot." - Sayani Gupta

2. Another critically acclaimed film based on the lives of three village women, played by Radhika Apte, Tannishtha Chatterjee and Surveen Chawla—Parched boasted of a script that was unheard of before this. One particular sex scene from the film leaked before the release of the film, and Radhika Apte revealed a funny anecdote about it.

"Adil Hussain kept cracking jokes the entire team, and making me laugh. He also said that he's sorry if he gets a hard-on, and if he doesn't!" - Radhika Apte

3. After their very public affair, followed by an even more public breakup—Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor would often be bombarded with questions about shooting intimate scenes after their split, and how were they able to do it without feeling odd.

"I think the fact that we are comfortable with each other whether it's intimate scenes, romantic scenes or angry scenes or action scenes. The fact remains that we are comfortable working with each other and that's why we signed the film. When you are doing scenes we don't think like ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend we are there as characters." - Deepika Padukone

4. This film made headlines for its bold scenes, the number of it was far too much to bear, apparently. A poor story-line tanked Befikre at the box-office, but the actors of the film were quizzed about the kissing scenes and their frequency, time and again. Ranveer Singh in an interview, shed some light on the topic.

"In Befikre, you see kissing as a normal thing, just like a hug — an act of warmth and love. 'Labon Ka Karobaar' is just perfect as the mood-setter for the film, to show that if you love someone, be carefree and show it with a kiss." - Ranveer Singh

5. In a candid interview with Anupama Chopra of Film Companion, Sonakshi expressed her discomfort with intimate scenes or skimpy clothes, and having no qualms about it.

"With films that come to me, usually if there is a concern, I lay it across the table right then and there. I tell the director and the producer that, 'Okay, I'm not comfortable with this. They then have a choice to go to somebody else but it's never happened. Never happened. It's not a handicap, it's a strength. Salman Khan hasn't kissed any of his heroines in any of his films. Neither has Shah Rukh and they are the biggest stars in our country today. I'm not comfortable with it. No point doing something that you're not comfortable with."-Sonakshi Sinha

6. Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez share an absolutely bizarre kissing scene in their film, Dishoom. In it, Varun is hanging upside down, and kissing Jacqueline (any Spidey bells ringing?) Both actors were asked on their comments on shooting that particular scene.

"It was a really difficult scene, and it took quite a few retakes. " - Varun Dhawan

"Varun was hanging completely upside-down, with blood rushing into his head." - Jacqueline Fernandez

7. Her erotic avatar in Hate Story 3, and her intimate love-making scenes with her co-actors in the film definitely raised eye-brows. In a candid interview with a leading daily, Zarine Khan opened up about how it was actually her mother, who convinced her to go ahead with the film.

"When I was having difficulties convincing myself, I told my mother about it. She is the only person whose opinions matter to me in my life. So, I told her that I have been offered this movie and there are these bold scenes and if I should do it? And she said yeah, do it. What's is the big deal? It's there in every movie these days. That gave me the push. And she is right. In every movie nowadays we see such scenes where people are kissing. May be the way we have shown in 'Hate Story 3' is a little bolder but it has nothing that is not happening in any other films." - Zarine Khan