A Bollywood Director Shares An Interesting Detail About Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan's Chemistry

"She was apprehensive initially, but barely took any time to warm up."




Shah Rukh and Gauri—There's something about this couple. Even after being in the limelight since the beginning of their 25 year long marriage, the fans still can't enough of them. The enigma and charm of this love story is eternal.

Recently, Punit Malhotra shot for an advertisement with the couple. He said in a gushy manner,"It's an honour to direct them together,"

The question about their real-life chemistry was bound to pop-up. Punit said,"Dreamy, easy and every bit beautiful— just what the world would imagine them to be. People have never seen Shah Rukh sir and Gauri ma'am in this light,"


Although, Gauri Khan has worked in some commercials earlier, it was surely a mean feat to convince her. Th director disclosed that Karan Johar managed to convince her to face the camera. He added, "She was apprehensive initially, but barely took any time to warm up. Everyone on set was familiar with her and that put her at ease."

SRK being the perfect husband,made sure that Gauri was comfortable in front of the camera. Puneet said,"Before Gauri ma'am faced the camera, Shah Rukh sir would run her through the shot. During her shots, he would sit somewhere close and give her cues. I wanted to capture the chemistry of a husband and wife, who have been married for years. It's sweet how they know each other's habits like the back of their hand."