You Can Now Stay in Shah Rukh Khan's Plush Vacation Home

Ahem, even though it might cost you an arm and a leg.

No doubt that Shah Rukh Khan, probably the richest man in Bollywood, has very refined taste, especially when it comes to luxurious cars and houses. Just take a look at Mannat if you don't believe us.

And obviously we can't forget about the luxurious villa in Burj Khalifa, or his line of uber-expensive cars (including the world's fastest car, worth about Rs 12 Crore). Likewise, one can only imagine his holidays and holiday homes to be just as fancy.

And only recently he checked into a huge villa (family in tow) in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, handpicked especially from Airbnb. But don't for a moment think that he's going to be living it up with the common folk.

Airbnb, a saviour to all us holiday-goers struggling to find 'cheap' accommodation also offers some luxurious AF villas.

Shah Rukh's extravagant chateau in particular lived up to his standards, and comes with a tennis court, a pool, jacuzzis, six opulent bedrooms, and private cabanas offering a breathtaking view of Beverly Hills. Plus, no we're not done yet, it's only a five-minute walk from Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and West Hollywood–the hub of LA, what else could you want?

Talking about his wonderful experience, Shah Rukh said:

"There's no place like home to disconnect from the outside world, and spend some time with oneself. Being able to break away from a fast paced lifestyle, several thousand miles away from the city has been a refreshing experience. Our lovely Airbnb host made sure we have everything we needed. Living here like the locals in our spacious and beautiful LA home has been an ideal break. This has been a perfect retreat!"

But obviously something so perfect has to have a catch, the villa comes with a price tag of Rs 2,55,000 per night!!

At least you'll have full bragging rights for the rest of your life! And if the thought of staying in Shah Rukh's home doesn't sway you, just take a look at these gorgeous pictures: