"He Actually Told Me About Him Getting Married Before He Told The Media": Kareena Kapoor

She shares an interesting detail about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend in this throwback interview.




This couple was the talk of the town throughout their entire dating tenure, and well, when one of them is Kareena Kapoor, what else could one expect? The most popular actress in Bollywood, Kareena was always on top of the news, for her films, but mostly for her snarky comments, or her relationship(s) bliss.

Shahid and Kareena dated for almost five years, and were super-public about their relationship. Which is why, it came as quite a shocker when the duo parted ways, and maintained zero contact for almost seven years. They would avoid all public confrontations, and the bitter air about their relationship was evident in the statements that they would give about each other, when the media pressed them too far.

However, it was a pleasant surprise when the couple were spotted together sharing the stage during IIFA 2014, when Kareena came to the stage to present an award, while Shahid was co-hosting the show with Farhan Akhtar. Kareena's warm "Hello shahid" was lauded by the ex-couple's fans, and this seemed like a hint of a new friendship between the two.

As if to back it up, different trivia started surfacing about their animosity fading. Even though they didn't share screen-space in their latest film Udta Punjab, in an interview to a leading tabloid Shahid revealed that he was the one to suggest Kareena's name for her character in the film.

"I was the first to suggest that Kareena was perfect for this role. I respect her as an actress. I'm happy she is living a good life. So am I."

Kareena Kapoor also went on record to say that unlike popular belief, Shahid himself broke the news of his wedding to her, well before he announced it publicly!

"Both of us were performing at a Femina event. We chatted. So, he actually told me about him getting married before he told the media. I'm very happy for him. He's doing very well professionally… I haven't seen Haider yet, but my sister saw it and loved it. And I can vouch for marriage being cool. I'd just like to wish him well."

What's more, Saif and Kareena were also the first to know about Shahid and Mira's pregnancy, when an elated Shahid shared the happy news with his Rangoon co-star.

Now that's really astonishing, from lovers to bitter foes, to well, cordial adults. Shahid and Kareena have sure come a long way, and now that both are married happily, and are proud parents to (the world would agree!) the most adorable babies in town—one can safely assume that they have successfully let bygones be bygones.

Not as friendly as attending each other's weddings, but still wayyy more pally than when they decided to part ways...