#Throwback: Kareena Kapoor's Interview From Her Childhood Is All Kinds of Adorable

"Everyone says that I dance even better than Sridevi..."




She's everyone's favourite, and we don't need to wonder why. Even though she is still to grace social media with her presence, fans jump at the sight of any opportunity of a rendezvous with her, or a peek into her very happening personal life!

She is obviously her own favourite (think 'Jab We Met') and one might wonder what Bollywood would have missed out on, had they not witnessed this dramatic miracle called Kareena Kapoor Khan.

From her oh-so-controversial press statements to her snarky and unabashed opinion which she doesn't think twice before sharing with the world—Kareena is the definition of sassy, and she was born this way!

In an interview that we found after delving into old archives, one can easily fall in love with Kareena's innocent, yet determined childhood self. Her high opinion of her skills, and her burning desire to rule the world as the most popular actress will make you laud the girl for turning her dreams into a reality...

When asked about her favourite actress, little Kareena said:

"Oh, I simply love Sridevi. And so does Lolo. She's superb. She's superb. I love the way she dances and sings. I can do it almost the same. Everyone says that I dance even better than her." Well, if you won't believe in yourself, who else will?

Kareena was raised by her mother Babita, and her elder sister Karisma Kapoor and the two have often testified about her adoration for veteran actress Sridevi. Can you even imagine a popular star like Kareena simply swooning and fangirl-ing over another actress?

When Kareena was asked what she thinks about her mother, quite comically she had no interest in considering her as role model! "Oh, she is different. She wore funny hairstyles and clothes. I want to be like Sridevi, " Kareena mused.

As difficult as it is to imagine a studious Kareena, she revealed in the same interview that her sister would be the harsher one as far as studies were concerned!

"Lolo (Karisma) helps me with my homework. Mama's strict about studies. But Lolo is even stricter. She even spanks me sometimes when I am naughty. But that is because she loves me." Awww! Talk about sister bonding.

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Her candid revelation about her role model, her transparent love for her sister, all of this just further endeared this little girl to us—the one who dreamt of growing up to be a princess, and actually lived to be one when she married into the Nawab family. #Goals much?

source: Filmibeat