Taylor Swift Created a Blank Space On Her Social Media...

...and fans can't shake it off!




If you're a Swiftie (just like us) and are closely following your fave pop-girl since eternity, you MUST have noticed abrupt changes on her social media profiles. First, she deleted all her social media posts — completely blanking out everything! Having millions of followers and deleting each and every post may not be the smartest move, but Tay did it.

Second, she started teasing new music by posting cryptic snake videos— remember the whole Taylor Swift X Kanye West X Kim Kardashian feud last year?

When Kim Kardashian leaked a phone conversation between Taylor and Kanye, in which Taylor agreed the lyrics "I made that b***h famous" in a Kanye West song, which she had initially denied in the media.

See the video that Kim leaked through her Snapchat:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9whRaPgfLs[/youtube]

This whole drama led to massive hate against Taylor and she was infamously reputed as a 'snake' in the media. And a lot of famous celebrities (including her ex boyfriend Calvin Harris) took Kim's side and tweeted hell lotta mean things about T. We hope that now you recall the feud, we're talking about.

The snake teasers and her new album named Reputation is basically a 'jokes on you guys' act pulled off by Taylor. The singer seems to be coming back for revenge through her music— embracing all the 'name-calling' that was thrown at her last year.

Remember when Taylor accidentally released a blank audio on iTunes and it reached #1??? What do we say, her chart success history has been iconic, she's spawned 4 #1 albums and her songs are hands down, BOPS. So, that's all the more reason to get excited about this post-feud number (and the buzz around it).

The singer was the face of all the news tabloids ( and a zillion memes) last year, and her, being called a snake, let's admit, went wayy too far.

Stay put guys, Taylor 's Bad Blood 2.0 is coming!