Jaya Bachchan Snapped At A Fan Who Tried to Take a Selfie With Her

Sounds familiar? #DéjàVu




The first lady of Bollywood Jaya Bachchan—is known not just for her skills as an actor, but also for her err...'fondness' for the media.

There have been countless cases where the "hot-headed" celebrity has felt harassed by the journos, either by inappropriate and out-of-context questions, or due to invasion of her private space. Let's face it, both these incidents happen way too much in Bollywood — when the actors are almost mobbed by a crowd going bat-shit crazy, just to catch a glimpse or a photograph of their fave celeb.

While many take it in stride as a part and parcel of being a celebrity, some others like Jaya Bachchan get irked and do not refrain from giving the journos a piece of her mind! Remember that time when she had snapped back at a reporter for calling her daughter-in-law by the name "Ash" instead of her full name, calling it utterly disrespectful.

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This weekend all the B-Town celebs were busy celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi just like the rest of the country, and Mrs. Bachchan also paid a visit to the temple. But alas, as always the paparazzi was going berserk following her, snapping her, and inconsiderately flashing her eyes! It can be seen how the actor faces difficulty in manoeuvring her way into and out of the shrine, just because of the bustling crowd.

When she was exiting the temple and heading for her car, a bunch of fans who had assembled outside to click photos grew out of control. One of them came wayyy too close trying to take a selfie with her without her permission of course, and almost touched her which made her lose her temper and shout out, "Don't do that… Stupid!"

Watch the video here—

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=eOCmqPVhHd8[/youtube]

Obviously, this is not the first time Jaya Bachchan lost her cool with the media, and some years ago she had snapped back at reporters asking her questions pertaining to her husband's films, when she was attending the DVAR luxury multi designer store launch in Juhu—calling their questions inappropriate for the occasion.

Check the footage here—

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaKveQATSY0[/youtube]

She isn't afraid to speak her mind no matter what the press writes about her behaviour or if they call her arrogant. Though some may feel to have a reputation like that can be a bit problematic for an actor. Tricky biz, ain't it?