Priyanka Chopra Disagrees With Kangana Ranaut's Work Practices

Let's hope it's not another cat-fight.




Kangana Ranaut is currently busy promoting her upcoming film, Simran. In this interview spree she managed to trigger plenty of controversies. Naturally the journos wanted to ask other actors their take on the issues Kangana raised. One allegation that Kangana faced was stepping on someone's toes to be involved in all aspects of film-making. She countered it by saying that she is trying to build an eco-system around herself and venturing into other roles is a part of her growth. Her reply was,"I feel I can do a lot as a creative person. I can build material that is unusual, and has a fresh take. I want to direct and write and see how that adds to my growth. If that doesn't work out, then at least I'll realize this is my maximum growth."

When the journalists asked Priyanka Chopra about Kangana's comment she said it isn't the way she works. She said,"I don't think so, I am doing that as a producer. Everything I do is with instinct and experience of working with the most prolific filmmakers in India. What I know best is what I'd like to do and I'd like to work with experts in their field who know what they're doing and collaborate. I am not someone who feels the need 'Sab kuch mujhe karna hai, mera naam sab jagah hona chahiye'(I have to do everything, my name should be everywhere) Film-making is not rocket science, it's just great people coming together wanting to tell a story and having fun while doing it and that's the environment I have created at Purple Pebble and that's how I work as an actor. "

Priyanka added,"If I have an opinion I will talk to the producer-director, but I am not someone who will impose their decision on someone,"

The actor agreed to Kangana's statement about directors having a fragile ego. She replied,"It's not just the directors, people have fragile egos in the entertainment industry. I have not had that. Most of the directors I have worked with have been amazing collaborators. They have given me the respect, as I don't step on toes. I am someone who will suggest something, if they find it sensible, they take it. If you don't, we have a logical conversation.I am very zen and peaceful like that. I am not a fighter- not combative. I don't like it, that's not what film-making should be. I can't work in an environment which is toxic."

Well, that's Priyanka for you!