The Surprising Truth About These 7 Bollywood Star Wives

They are deffo more than what meets the eye.




Star-wives were once touted as the shadow of their successful, super-rich husbands. These strong ladies are not hiding behind a glittery veil anymore. They have their own identity and flourishing careers that are in no way any lesser than their better famous-half.

1. Gauri Khan

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It's difficult to tag Gauri Khan in just one role. She's a successful movie producer at Red Chillies Entertainment which she co-owns with her husband. Their company delivered marvels like Main Hoon Na, Ra.One, which became a box-office success. After doing up her own bunglow as a hobby, Gauri realized her interest lies in art. She later ventured into interior designing professionally. She collaborated with Satya Paul to launch her clothing and accessories collection. Recently, Gauri partnered with Ralph Lauren on a design project. She has also opened her flagship store in Mumbai by the name 'Gauri Khan Designs'.

2. Kiran Rao

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Kiran Rao is an Indian film producer, screenwriter and director. She started her career as an assistant director and assisted several renowned directors. In 2007 she started producing movies and in 2011 she directed the movie, Dhobi Ghat. Her movie was critically acclaimed.

3. Twinkle Khanna

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Twinkle's Bollywood career didn't create as much buzz as her weekly columns in a leading daily generate every week. After a series of unsuccessful movies, Twinkle bid adieu to her Bollywood career. She ventured into interior designing and is now the owner of label 'White Window'. Her witty write-ups in the newspaper introduced us to a different side of her. She finds herself in a pickle for speaking her mind, but that never refrains her from saying what's right. Twinkle has authored two successful, top-selling books.

4. Mana Shetty

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Mana is a social activist, creative director of a furnishing company, and an interior designer. She juggles all these roles efficiently. The 'star-wife' reportedly has net worth more than her actor and now a businessman husband. Mana also organizes exhibitions to raise funds for an NGO.

5. Manyaata Dutt

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Manyaata is the CEO of her husband's production house. She managed everything single-handedly while her husband was serving a sentence in the jail. Manyaata is also a socialite and an activist.

6. Shobha Kapoor

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She isn't just the wife of yesteryear actor Jeetendra. Sobha Kapoor is the managing director of Balaji Telefilms.

7. Seema Khan

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She is a welll-known fashion designer. Seema has her own identity in the industry and is not just known as Sohail Khan's wife. She also owns a luxury retail boutique and a spa in Mumbai