Emmys 2017: Priyanka Chopra Nails Yet Another International Red Carpet

'Dancing girl' emoji who?




Yes, she did it again. This time she was the Balmain girl in an embellished feathered gown that trailed behind her― whatta Queen! Last year, she floated and twirled down her way to the red carpet― "Priyanka, twirl!!" chanted the media crowd and fans present. Well, she did twirl and gave the dancing girl emoji, a run for her money.

Her Emmys history has been nothing less than phenomenal. This year again she shut down the red carpet—dressed in an embellished dazzling gown with a long train, she left nothing for the naysayers. Twitter broke, the international media was spell-bound, the 'Best Dressed' title was handed over to her— let's just put it this way: she was the best, everyone else can go home now! ?

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Could you agree anymore with us? If that's not enough, watch her kill you in slo-mo:

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