Kareena Kapoor Khan Opens Up About Motherhood Like Never Before

"My heart doesn't beat inside me anymore, its outside- and it's in him."

If there's one question everybody wants to ask Kareena, it's about Baby Taimur. After owning her pregnancy in style, Kareena is now enjoying motherhood to the fullest. At various events she is asked about her role as a working mother, teaching Taimur about respecting women, etc. Here's what Kareena has said so far:

When quizzed about her role as mother, Kareena said, "Taimur will always be the centre of my being right now. Because I think more than anything, he is my soul. My heart doesn't beat inside me anymore, its outside- and it's in him. So, everything, whatever I do in my life from now on, will be about him. So, my friends and family and everyone around me should know that."

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Kareena's take on embracing motherhood is very practical. She said, "Priorities always change, and my priorities have changed too after Taimur's birth. I multi-task. And just how everybody has kids and everybody manages life, I'm also doing that."

The actor compared roles of a wife and a mother. "Taimur is my life. Being a mother is something that I can't explain what I feel. I think a mother you feel more responsible. Being a wife isn't as important. I hope Saif never reads it.", she said.

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When inquired about her life as a working mom, she stated, "I think it is amazing. After having a good day at work, I am waiting to see my son home. It's quality over quantity. Some can stay at home all day but the idea is to keep the focus going, whatever it is you are doing at the time. If you like what you do at work it's even better. Acting is my passion and if I go to work, I feel like a more enriched mother. Women multitask the best."

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Kareena described motherhood as an amazing experience. She said,"There's a part of me and Saif in the world and he is my responsibility and I am going to be showing and teaching him new things."

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"Taimur is going to grow up with a working mom. My sister, his masi is also a working woman. He has my mother to look up to, my mother-in-law who is still working woman. So, he is going to grow up in that atmosphere and learn to respect women in that sense. He also has a wonderful nanny, again another working woman who looks after him so he will be growing up seeing the power of women from as early as seven months old."