THIS is How Some Kissing Scenes Are Shot v/s How You See Them

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With the advent of the Western influences in our culture, even the film industry has evolved and gotten less shy when it comes to filming bold scenes. Although, it's true that even in the 80s, there were few actresses who had braved to shoot bikini scenes, the subject was still a taboo at that time.

Similarly, on-screen lip-lock was another thing that many actors even today, are uncomfortable with. But not all filmmakers simply delete the scene if they feel that the script demands it, there are ways to fool the audience and get past that obstacle!

Kajal Aggarwal, who is renowned for her roles in South Indian films and even has a few Bollywood films in her kitty, is one such actress who has her inhibitions when it comes to kissing on-screen. However, the director of one of her films down South, VK Anand still got his on-screen kiss without forcing the actor! Confused? Well, you need to see how .

The actors shot the scene individually, by planting their kisses on a chroma screen which was then merged on the edit table to make it look like a lip-lock. How very ingenious!

Kajal was supposed to kiss her co-star Suriya for a South Indian film titled Maattrraan, and this is how she got away with it.

Watch this video that went viral last year, showcasing the reality of onscreen kisses, and prepare to get the shock of your life :

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=185&v=SUUU_mftG1E[/youtube]