#Throwback: When Shahid Kapoor Embarrassed Kareena Kapoor By Calling Her a 'Senior Actor'


A million hearts broke across the country, when this heart-throb of Bollywood announced the news of his marriage with a 21-year old commoner, their love-story defying various stereotypes. Two years ago, Shahid Kapoor tied the knot with Delhi-girl, Mira Rajput in an arranged marriage set-up, and their union was applauded for its sanctity and simplicity!

Sure Shahid is happy, and settled in holy matrimony that is probably the envy of many, but he is one of those actors of Bollywood who has been linked with his female co-stars, a bit too often!

Yes, either it was his several alleged relationships with actresses like Amrita Rao, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha (yeah, a pretty long list!) — or his, very public and much-talked about relationship with Kareena Kapoor! Shahid was the renowned lover boy of Bollywood, one whom the ladies simply could not resist.

Shahid and Kareena were one of the few couples back then who were open about their relationship status, and would never shy away from interviews, or the paparazzi. However, in an old interview that recently surfaced, Shahid committed a mistake while answering one of the questions, for which he must have borne the brunt of Kareena's wrath, later!

When asked about how does it feel to work with his real-life girlfriend, Shahid (in pure innocence we are sure) replied, "It feels great. We started working together with Ken Ghosh's film and it's an honour to work with her. She's my senior."

Err...what? While we know poor guy probably just meant to give Kareena the respect that he thought was due to her, but the way it came out didn't seem quite right, especially regarding the fact that they were dating at that time. Kareena went straight from happy to awkward, and followed up Shahid's statement with, "What rubbish!"

Continuing the same interview, Kareena who was clearly smitten and so-in-love, rambled on about how much potential she thought Shahid had as an actor."I think that in two years, he's gonna be the biggest superstar."

Rumours were afloat that Kareena played a very prominent part in steering Shahid's filmography graph, and actually made him opt out of a film with Karan Johar, just owing to her personal differences with him. Well, who's to say, whether these allegations are even true or not.