Wait, What? 3 Out Of The 5 Kardashian Sisters Are Pregnant!

Well, at least someone's gotta keep up with them...




"You get a baby! And you get a baby! Everyone gets a BABYYY!"

Whatta great time to be alive.

The world works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder! The 'Momager'―that's what the media calls her famously—is currently showering in money 'coz her three daughters are expecting their respective deliveries in early 2K18.

If you still haven't heard the news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy―not acting rude, but you DEF live under a rock. The youngest Kardash sister is just 20 and has a whole empire to herself. But why are we not surprised by her pregnancy news? Probably because we've gotten so used to getting surprised by the Kardashians, every now and then―sex tapes, naked selfies, Kim K at a gun point, exposing Taylor Swift, sex change, boob jobs, the list is long.... We mean, we can't even get decent amount of likes on our 'gram and there the Kardashians are breaking the Internet everyday, NOT FAIR!

Talking about breaking the Internet, the big sister Kim, who's responsible for shutting down the World Wide Web almost 5 thousand times a week, is expecting her third baby via surrogate. Yes, North and Saint West are gonna get a li'l sibling veryyy soon. If you were keeping up with the Kardashians, then you fo sho know that Kimye desperately wanted to have another baby, and finally the news has broken that a third baby is on its way!

No wait! That's not enough. We've got more good news. The funniest sister, Khloe is also expecting her first child with boyfriend, Triston Thompson. Well, reportedly she is five months preggers. Hey wait, isn't Kylie on her fifth month too? And doesn't Kim K's surrogate expected to deliver early next year? So, does that mean we're getting 3 new Kardashians around the same time? hmmm *sips tea*

Give the 'Momager Of The Year' award to Kris Jenner already. The internet has gone in a frenzy and can't take three Kardashian pregnancies all at once. But how did Kris plan these three accurate pregnancies? We're excited to see how she plans out the filming of these back to back pregnancies— 'cause this will shoot up the dwindling TRPs of KUWTK to the skies.

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