The Heartbreaking Moment When Shah Rukh Khan's Mother Didn't Recognise Him On-Screen...

...as revealed on this chat show




A clear dearth of self-made superstars in Bollywood is probably what stirred the nepotism debate in the industry recently. But one classic example of such celeb is none other than Shah Rukh Khan, who achieved the tremendous amount of success and fame, not to mention the audience's blind love though sheer hard work, without any connections inside the film frat whatsoever.

Before he ventured into Bollywood, SRK started with stage plays and TV and went on to receive critical acclaim with cult serials like Fauji and Circus. On that note, an old interview of Shah Rukh has surfaced where he shared a heartbreakingly painful incident related to his show Circus.

On the late actor's Farooq Sheikh's show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai, Shah Rukh Khan opened up about his mother, and how she was literally on her deathbed and unable to recognise her son on screen, when his show directed by reputed director Aziz Mirza was about to air.

"I had met Aziz very early (in my career). I had worked with him in his serial 'Circus' and before that I had done an episode in 'Wagle Ki Duniya' with him for which I had come to Bombay. When I had finished it, at that time my mother was very unwell, she was on her deathbed. And we started shooting 'Circus' at that time. I had a wish that I wanted to show the first episode of 'Circus' to my mother as it was my first big serial. We shot it in Bombay, earlier I did shooting in Delhi, so it didn't carry the filmy baat in it. So, I had this wish to show the first episode to my mother. So, I remember Aziz coming to Delhi with that first episode and we tried to show it to her in the hospital. We took special permission and put it on Television to show it to her. But, by then she was very delirious and she didn't recognise me."

"(At) that time I think she only recognised Dilip Kumar. But, that's when Aziz came and I remember him telling my mom when she couldn't make out anything. 'Don't worry he'll become an actor, he'll become a famous actor, and one day he'll be inshallah like Dilip Kumar'," added the Raeesi actor.

Today, the actor has defined what it means to be successful in Bollywood, and has earned the title of 'King' strictly on his merit.

The first episode of Circus was aired on TV in year 1989 while SRK's mother Lateef Fatima Khan passed away in year 1990.