Here's Why Saif Ali Khan Lost His Cool During 'Chef' Promotions When Questioned About Taimur

Trust him to be blunt AF!




After a string of films that went spiraling down from not-so-impressive to absolute blah, Saif Ali Khan's fans have been desperately waiting for him to comeback with the acting prowess he has exhibited before, in a film that is not repulsive to the core.

Raja Krishna Menon's film Chef seems to be that string of hope these fans are clinging on to, with a refreshing story-line of a career-oriented father and his rapport with his 13 year old son. A promising trailer has made people show interest in this film.

While promoting his film in Delhi, Saif gave an...err interesting reply at a press conference when a reporter asked him a question that visibly seemed to put him off. Saif was asked whether he misses his son Taimur on shoot, and how does he deal with the 'missing' pangs, being a busy father (synonymous to his character in the film who misses out on time with his son).

Saif's retort laced with sarcasm and incredulity was —"You know Taimur Ali Khan is just 9 months old and the child artist with me is 13 years old. You know I don't think about Taimur after seeing someone else's son. I always miss him and keep a tab on him. He is my son and I am not confused about the fact that I have a kid. Why are you asking this? Do you have kids?"

To answer the question of how he managed his time, Saif was quoted—

"When I am working I would like to do 7 to 7 shift if I can as I can see him early in the morning and when I come back I get to spend a decent amount of time with him. When you do wrong shifts, you don't get to see your children at all."

Well, this definitely is not the first time the Rangoon actor lost his cool during an interview, and he definitely seemed irked by the question.

Source: MissMalini.com